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Astro viewing with night vision?

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  • Astro viewing with night vision?

    Im curious if anyone has ever taken night vision and looked outward from this huge rock we are stuck on. It is actually pretty neat....i have a 10 year old night vision monocular by night owl that is not incredibly awesome by any means, but it really does pick up a lot of faint stars. You have to deal with the green hue that night vision provides, but give it a shot!

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    I had no idea that night vision would be anything but worthless for star gazing. I thought that the image would be fuzzy and washed out. I may have to borrow someone's NV gear and head out.
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      I remember taking my dad's Yukon 5x42 Ranger and using that for general use. But I never tried using it for star gazing I'll have to give it a try!

      Thanks Sparky.
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        just to will not see anything but stars...but you will see a lot of them. im yet to see any sort of nebulosity or anything like that


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          We had a police officer break out Gen 3 at the Texas Astronomical Society's dark site near Atoka, OK and they were awesome. Every single person first words were "Wow". Andromeda was a huge floating galaxy that stood out with extreme clarity. When you step you to Gen 3/Gen 4, it's a whole new ball game. The little micro meteors streak across the sky with regularity. The down side, night vision is killed, so you walk around for 15 minutes blind as a bat.


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            im sure gen3/4 is a different sport all together! mine are old gen 1 if that...but still neat to look through. Id like to use some nice night vision sometime....but you will absolutely be blinded for sure! i spend most of my astro time in front of a camera or laptop so its not too much of an issue for me!