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Nova Dephinii and old 2x50 Field Glasses

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  • Nova Dephinii and old 2x50 Field Glasses

    Some may recall me mentioning my recent playing around with old Galilean opera and field glasses after getting interested in seeing what Garrett Serviss' readers may have seen with contemporary optics after reading his 1888 book "Astronomy With An Opera-Glass." I recently picked up an old pair of very stubby looking 2x50's, wondering if they'd have an unusually wide field. As it turns out, the FOV is about 14 degrees... Not unheard up by today's standards but WIDE for non-prismatic Galilean optics.
    On a whim, I figured that I'd see if I could pick up the new nova with them. Despite interference from the bright gibbous moon, I was able to easily locate the little nova, especially since I could include it with the entire constellation of Sagitta, or Delphinus, or I could include it with the head of Delphinus along with the point of Sagitta. More like looking at a chart than starhopping. I was unable to see either constellation naked eye.
    No, these 2x50's aren't a serious astronomical instrument... more of an historical curiosity or novel toy. They'll give my more modern binoculars very little competition. But this was FUN...

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    I was also able to view Nova Delphinus this weekend with a pair of 10X50 binoculars from a light polluted location. Its acually very easy to locate. This was only the second nova ive ever viewed, but this was the first with binoculars! The other was 2 years ago in M51....but that was through an 11 inch telescope. Thanks for sharing Marty!