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I have a confession...

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  • I have a confession...

    I am a Canon guy, the only DLSR I'll ever own is a Canon.

    I have been very faithful to my brand until...I tried the Nikon Monarch 5. I found an older model Monarch 5 in my grandfathers house and, even if they are a little beat, they are really nice. They have slight chromatic aberration at about 200+ yards but everything before that is crystal clear. This is an older model so I assume that the new models are even better.

    That being said, I won't trade my Canon camera for anything but Nikon is doing something right.

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    I'm saving that one for a different thread...


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      I'm not so much a Nikon guy or a Canon guy, as an OLD guy... I've been shooting film in a Nikon EM ever since I got my first one in '79.. I just like the things. A replacement body is pretty cheap on ebay when one falls apart on me. :)
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        If you like the MONARCH 5 then try a MONARCH 7 next time you see one. Far less CA, wider field of view and contrast that will blow your hat off. You can bird/view to near dark with the 7s.