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Geovid HD-B Programming Issue with Micro SD Card Annoucement

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  • Geovid HD-B Programming Issue with Micro SD Card Annoucement

    Leica has announced an solution to the issue of Leica Geovid HD-B binoculars not finding the microSD card. Seems that if you rename the default file, it causes issues.

    From Leica....

    Ladies and Gentlemen;
    It has come to our attention that a small number of customers have had difficulty in programming their Geovid HS-Bs utilizing a ballistics profile from the micro SD card. In these cases the Geovid doesn’t “find” the card. We have determined that this issue results from renaming the file on the micro SD card from the default file name of drop.hex. No other file name will work with the Geovid HD-B.
    If you encounter customers with this issue please direct them to go back to the online HD-B Ballistics Calculator to download and re-save their desired ballistics profile using the default drop.hex name. Reinsert the micro SD card in their Geovid HD-B and then re-program the instrument. When they enter the Ballistics menue “CARD” should now be offered as the first option.
    Our associates in Germany are aware of this limitation and will be taking steps to provide clarifying information on the Ballistics Calculator platform and updating firmware on future units to provide error messages if the file name should be changed. If any further questions or issues arise, please contact Hamilton Boykin directly at [email][/email] or by calling him at (843) 532-2472.
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